About MCAS

MCAS International LLC., well elucidated as Mobility Concept and Solutions is a leading elevator and escalator company in the vertical mobility sector in Oman. Since 2005, we are catering our multi branded products and services, specifically dedicated to the field of lifts and escalators to various organizations, of all market sectors. We value fulfilment of the commitment to clients and our motto is to provide highly reliable and efficient products & services.

Our services include providing customized lifts that can be adapted to your space for small size shaft, small pit size and also cater to the aesthetic requirements with panoramic type glass or artwork landing doors, installation and regular maintenance services of lifts and escalators.  The various product ranges of elevators as per the requirement- home, commercial, medical, industrial or even restaurants – hospitality sector is covered in our area of interest. We consistently strive to provide the best customised lifts to suit the customer requirements and provide an environment friendly and eco efficient products.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, our emphasis is on building and maintaining a good relationship with our customers by providing elevators of their choice in the stipulated time frame. Our 24/7 availability allows us to provide efficient tailor made, smooth hastle-free elevators and escalators to the customers with the best performance.

We have collaborated with world class lift manufacturers. Our products include MP (Spain, Europe), SYMAX (Japan, assembling unit in China), IGV (ITALY) and SANYO CARGO Elevators (Japan). We also have Platform Elevators for warehouses and Dumbwaiters for restaurants. We have expertise in installing Stair lifts for the movement of aged people in houses where lifts cannot be provided. Recently we have added a new Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator which provides a very aesthetic, space saving lift. In addition, we have lifts in our own brand name – MCAS which also cater to the needs of your vertical movement. Our products are affordable, efficient and give high performance. We are the sole dealers of these Elevators in Oman.

MCAS has offices in Muscat and Salalah with excellent infrastructure and facilities and service offices at Al Khode, Barka, Sohar and Nizwa respectively. Our Main office in Muscat is situated in ‘Muttrah House’ next to the Central Bank Building in CBD area.

MCAS has six agencies for lifts and escalators,

  1. Mac Puarsa (MP) Elevators (Spain)
  2. IGV Elevators (Italy)
  3. SWORD Escalators and Elevators
  4. SYMAX Elevators
  5. DELFAR Elevator (MCAS Elevators)
  6. PVE vacuum elevators

Efficiently providing customized elevators for clients, company has supplied all kinds of lifting equipments- passenger lifts, platform lifts, stretcher lifts, cargo elevators and home elevators and stair lifts for differently abled people. We have provided elevators and escalators for various malls and shopping complexes, multi storied buildings, Hotels & Resorts – Panoramic/ Observation elevators, Bed lifts for hospitals and for lifting food we have provided Dumb waiters for villas and restaurants. Escalators for hypermarkets, shopping complexes etc., Elevators with external structure etc…are also various products which we distribute in Oman. Till date, we have almost 1500 various range of lifts and escalators installed in various areas of Oman. Company holds a good reputation in client dealings as well as commissioning and maintenance of lifts, and of course timely delivery.

In order to satisfy diversified client requirements, they produce Passenger Elevator, Observation Elevator, Bed Elevator, Home Elevator, Freight Elevator, MRL Elevator, Escalators, Stair Lifts etc.  We provide a safe, technological, high efficient solution to the buildings and since the inspection in 2005, we have won numerous customers all over Oman. The company pays keen attention to the whole cycle of lift from marketing, site measurements and checking, installation and handing over to the client and to the maintenance service which is also very vital to the smooth running of the lifts.

MCAS has shown its presence in almost all corners of Oman. The markets of MCAS, extends from Salalah in the South to Sohar in the North, Nizwa, Barka, Ibra, Izki, Jalan Bu Ali, Duqm, Masirah and of course the various parts of the nationa’s capital city, Muscat. We have our staff at the major cities in Oman to reach out and attend to the 24/7 break-down calls.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the leading distributor of lifts and escalators in Oman, by providing reliable, innovative and efficient products and services at affordable prices. We strive to attain 100% customer satisfaction through our dedicated and committed installation & service team.

Our Values

  • Fulfilment of the commitment to clients
  • Supply of quality products
  • Marketing with honesty, integrity & sincerity
  • Energy & cost saving
  • Quality first and safety Supreme
  • Applying new technology for the better benefit

Company Policy

At MCAS, we are committed to provide quality products that are efficient, innovative and eco-friendly.  The satisfaction of our customers, employees and our partners are primary.