In the preventive and corrective maintenance service we have 2 packages – Routine and Comprehensive maintenance packages to suit the lift usage. This gives an extended life to the lifts by checking alignment and working of the various spare parts and replacement of the same according to the need.

Renovation / Modernization

Over time, the performance of lifts and escalators will deteriorate. Ageing happens to the lift and the building due to various conditions. The life expectancy of the lifts and escalators can be enhanced by replacement of certain significant parts.

  • Our advancing technology can come up with new drive systems which can improve ride quality and comfort, reduction in noise and performance of the door opening and closure etc.
  • The appearance of the cabin and the landing door may look outdated and this could be changed.
  • The performance of the lifts can be improvised radically by replacing certain crucial parts.

Hence modernization is another economical and appropriate solution to the replacement of lifts.

Our modernization team will provide an analysis report and will come up with a solution which is most appropriate based on the diagnosis on the wear and tear of the various parts, the usage, number of current users and age of the lift.


A complete replacement of lifts, tailored to the current demands in the building, improved car capacity and speed, smooth ride and travel comfort etc. can be provided.

Without any disruption to the flow of activities in the building, many replacements have been executed in Oman.

Customised Lifts

We can adapt to your shaft size and provide the best cost-effective, quality products to your specifications and requirements. If you need a better aesthetic appearance for a lift inside your villa or mall with special utilities, we can provide you with a suitable solution. If you need artwork on your landing doors, or door opening at both sides or door opening only at the top floor, we have productive solutions for your needs.

Ready Spares

We have spare parts storage, which helps in delivering spare parts to the required site without delay.

Once the reports are received at our office, customer will be notified of the condition. Based on the urgency of the need of replacement, the spare parts will be replaced after getting the consent of the customer.